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Sydney Leroux Revenge: Re-Cap

Well Sydney Leroux’s revenge sure didn’t pan out, did it.

The Reign dominated the match – if not from the start, then at least from about the 10 minute mark. Leroux was stuffed and barely made a mark on the match. Too bad, really, I always want her to come to play.

If you are a Reign fan, everything about the game was beautiful. The crisp weaving of Winters, Little and Fishlock. The work rate and physical stand-up offense of Bev Yanez. The spunky addition of Merritt Mathias. And, of course, Megan Rapinoe’s blistering hot finishes – three on the night. About the only downside for the Reign was Little’s missed PK, and only because of the shock value.

The Flash looked completely outclassed, and resorted to physical play early to try to disrupt the Reign’s rhythm. That said, Becky Edwards played as good a game as you can expect against the Reign’s middle, and there were flashes of interesting play from Sam Mewis and Jessica Spencer.

Overall, the Reign has entered the 2015 season with a well-deserved target on their backs, and are once again the team to beat. It will certainly prove difficult this year.