How To Pick which NWSL Game To Watch on Saturday

NWSL fans are in a pickle this Saturday: all 4 matches happen at basically the same time. So, you’re a diehard and you want to watch all the fixtures – how do you prioritize?


1. Invest in mulScreenshot 2015-04-15 21.48.45tiple screens

Not for the faint of heart, the multiple screen option allows for the comfortable viewing of two simultaneous broadcasts. If you push that to three, you should probably invest in anti-vertigo medication. You will need: two computers (open windows won’t cut it, my friend), a keen eye for the game, and a willingness to miss out on the details of the play.

2. Let your homer show

You only *need* to watch your team, right? Who cares about scouting out the next opponent. Who cares about the overall quality of the league. Who cares whether your secret favorite player who plays for your rival has a good game. It’s the home team or no team, and you want to luxuriate in all the beauty of tactics and psychology that your team has to offer. You will need: one computer and a notepad to write your love/hate note to your team’s coach.

3. Pick your favorite player and follow them to the end

Let’s face it: your favorite player and your favorite team are not always going to match up. Poor Sydney Leroux fans now have to choose between their loyalty to the kid and their loyalty to the queen. Maybe you’re captivated by the smoking good looks of Ashlyn Harris. Maybe you’re enthralled by the gutsy play and blistering shots of Carli Lloyd. Maybe you like a good underdog or a local kid made good. Point is, pick your fave and support them with all you got. You will need: a soccer crush and good enough eyes to pick out your favorite on the spotty live feeds.

4. Choose based on the quality of the match-up

Now, here I can be of some service. I’m excited for the Houston Dash to play Sky Blue this weekend. Sky Blue had a great run at the end of last year with the addition of Nadia Nadim, and by opening their season with a victory (albeit a squeaker of a victory) against FCKC they’ve become early contenders for the playoffs. The Dash look great with their new national team players in the lineup, and I’m bullish on them to go far this season. It should be a good contest.

I predict the Flash vs. Thorns game will end in another annihilation of the Flash, which is fun if you like that kind of thing.

FCKC vs. Washington might be a solid game, but it might end up with a dominated and demoralized Spirit side. You never know with that team. If Ali Krieger is out as a precautionary measure, they’ll be that much more likely to fall behind defensively.

I for one will be watching the Seattle Reign take on the Chicago Red Stars at 8pm, which at least gives me the option of watching the first half of one of the other three matches in real time. The Reign are clearly the team to beat this season, but the Chicago Red Stars historically have depth, physicality, and cohesion. They are a tough side to beat.

5. Watch them all, in a row

This option is not for the faint of heart. It requires absolute abstention from social media of all forms for a full 6 hours. Think you can handle it?

How are you going to decide which NWSL game (or games) to watch? Let me know your strategy for picking games in the comments.

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  1. Haha! I’m definitely going to be watching the Reign take on the Stars. Loyalty to the queen over the kid every day of the week :)

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