New Teaser for the Women’s World Cup – by Fox Sports

Get ready, guys!

Fox Sports is already hyping the 2015 Women’s World Cup, and it’s only February. I will admit that this ad got me excited and a little emotional about the tournament. Then I remembered that emotional manipulation is a big part of advertising…

Why this WWC ad works:

The USWNT is still a clear favorite to advance far in this year’s World Cup, despite some recent lackluster performances. We’re ranked #2 in the world. We won the most recent big tournament. So, if I’m Fox Soccer, I’m asking myself: who wants to root for the big dog? How can we give Americans the underdog story that we soccer-lovers crave? This ad effectively positions one of the most dominant teams in international football as a comeback kid, a cinderella story. A last shot at glory for a country.

America has a score to settle, alright. But it’s with our own legacy – the legacy of the US Women’s National Team. This team, despite so many victories and successes and records, is still living in the shadow of the famous ’99ers. Our addiction to winning is hampering our ability to develop and grow the game, and the world is catching up to us. We are playing scattered and even a little scared, and if things don’t change for the Algarve Cup, I would bet we’ll be real underdogs to the likes of Germany, France, and Japan come June.

But I will say this: if the last half of that video holds and the bars are as filled for the Women’s World Cup in June as they were when the men went down last year, I will be a truly happy women’s soccer fan, even without a victory. I love watching the progression of interest in women’s soccer. I love that Fox is hyping the tournament four months in advance. And I love that our girl Alex Morgan is so recognizable that she becomes a replacement for Jermaine Jones. It’s a good time to be a USWNT fan.

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