Christie Rampone in Action

Christie Rampone

Name: Christine Rampone
Nickname: Captain America
Number: 3
Years with USWNT: 1997- Present
Current Club Team: Sky Blue FC

Christie Rampone is a stalwart in the defense of the USWNT. At 39, she is the oldest player on the team, and yet is still consistently among the most fit. Rampone is the last remaining player from the famous ’99ers (and she wasn’t even the youngest player on that team!). She has been a part of 3 gold-medal efforts and 1 world cup victory. As a defender, Rampone’s strengths are disciplined positioning, leadership of organization, and a solid air game. In the direct style of play favored by the athletic US team, her ability to provide service from the back is also valuable.

Christie Rampone is best known for:

Being a ’99er, ridiculous longevity, stepping in as a player coach for the 2009 WPS season, and having over 300 friggin’ caps with the USWNT (which is still about 50 behind Kristine Lilly), having people mistakenly call her Rapinoe because it’s one of the only names they know on the USWNT.

Weirdest time to tell people you’re pregnant: Celebrating with your teammates after winning the inaugural WPS title. Especially awkward because you served as the coach of the team for the second half of the season.

Women’s World Cup 2015

Christie Rampone on the ball

Photo by Sandra Luna

Rampone is one of the true “soccer moms” on the team – her two children, Rylie and Reece, are 9 and 5. They travel with the team – no word on whether they’re friends with the other babies…

And just as a bonus: here is Christie Rampone’s very first professional goal. And it’s hilarious.

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